Call for participation
Study on the treatment of acute appendicitis

This study is hosted at the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands and examines the treatment of complex acute appendicitis. Read more about the study and participate in the survey here.

The ALASCCA study

The ALASCCA study is a randomised double blinded placebo controlled trial that offers ASA treatment for patients with colorectal cancer (stage II) with mutations in PI3K cell signaling.


The study is coordinated from Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden and the Swedish title "Adjuvant Låg dos ASA vid Colorektal Cancer" is what's hidden behind the abbreviation ALASCCA.  Read more here (Swedish only).


Professor Tom Øresland MD, Akershus University Hospital is the responsible project manager in Norway.

The COLOFOL study

A study to assess the pros and cons of frequent versus less frequent hospitalbased follow-up after surgery for colorectal cancer. Read more.

"Watch and wait" strategy for patients with complete clinical response after neoadjuvant radiation for rectal cancer

Standard treatment for rectal cancer is surgery. Approximately 40% receive radiation therapy before surgery. In 10-20% of these, the tumour will be completely gone after radiation therapy. Studies show that the majority of these patients can be observed without signs of recurrence, while approximately 30% will regrow.

The study is a national prospective cohort study of patients with complete response, comparing treatment results with results from patients who were operated. The study also includes linking of information to the following national registries: Kreftregisteret og nasjonalt kvalitetsregister for kreft i tykk- og endetarm, Norsk Pasientregister, Norsk kvalitetsregister for gastrokirurgi (NoRGast)og Reseptregisteret.


The project is launched January 2018 and project manager is professor Hartwig Kørner MD.

More information can be found here.